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Standards: Tools for Good Governance

This five-hour session is designed to introduce museum boards to the Standards for Saskatchewan Museums (2010), create a sense of comfort and familiarity with the standards, and to increase the board's understanding of the role and use of standards in the governance of a public museum. 

Two Community Trainers facilitate the session in your own museum/location.

Through a combination of lecture, discussion, and group work, your board will come away with a better understanding of:

  • What are the Standards and what is their purpose?
  • Why are the Standards useful to museums?
  • Why should a board implement the Standards?
  • The different types of organizations, charity vs. non-profit, and the legal responsibilities of a board of directors.  Where does your board fit?
  • How can the board can use the Standards to help it fulfill its responsibilities? Includes organization, planning, human resources, financial management, community relations, and policy-development.

The session is an excellent opportunity to meet as a board and develop a shared understanding of how your board can use standards as operational guidelines in planning, evaluation, and policy development for your museum. 

Each board is required to complete a questionnaire in anticipation of the workshop. Completion of the questionnaire helps the trainers to focus on board-identified issues/areas of interest.

Understanding and applying the standards results in a museum that visitors enjoy returning to, community is involved in, and funders continue to support. 

Community Trainers
The Standards sessions are led by knowledgeable Community Trainers who have many years of experience working in community museums. They are committed to sharing this knowledge and experience within the workshop to help you better understand and apply the standards.

Any museum board that is a member of MAS is elibible. We encourage the board to invite staff and volunteers to attend the session. 

This is an on-going program and can accommodate a limited number of requests per year.

Please note: A minimum of six participants is required.

Fees * Please note our fees have increased in 2010-11 *
A flat fee per board:
Museum's operational budget under $10,000 - $75 includes GST
Museum's operational budget over $10,000 - $150 includes GST

Community Trainers will visit a region if two separate museums have expressed interest in completing the workshop.  The trainers will visit one museum per day.  Fees apply for each museum.  We encourage you to discuss this option with other museums within your region. Please call MAS if you require assistance with contacting other museums within your region.

Please contact MAS via telephone or email to book a session.

The Museums Association of Saskatchewan reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any course at any time for any reason.

The Association cannot guarantee continuation of any program should funding cease. The availability, date and location of the course offerings are subject to change at any time.

Participants are asked to register by the registration deadline for each course.

The registration fee will only be refunded if you withdraw your application five days prior to the course date or if the course is cancelled.  In cases of weather conditions, illness and family emergencies, the five day requirement may be waived by MAS.

Payment may be made with Visa, MasterCard, cheque or cash.  Please make cheques payable to Museums Association of Saskatchewan.

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For more information please contact the MAS office.