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Advocacy Guide CoverAdvocacy Guide: Tools and Tips
The Advocacy Guide is a self-directed learning resource designed for first-time advocates. This basic guide to advocacy includes key information and concepts to build your skills and knowledge and tips and exercises to apply your learning in practical ways. The guide will help you become an effective advocate for your museum and community. If you are already doing advocacy this guide will provide you with new ideas, inspiration, and tools to enhance your advocacy. 122 pgs; 2010
Members $15; Non-members $20

Building Responsive Museums CoverBuilding Responsive Museums: A Discussion Framework, Produced by the Learning Coalition
Building Responsive Museums is a tool for self-assessment. It is intended to provide your museum with a process to deepen your understanding of what community involvement means, and to examine and evaluate your current relationship with your communities. 93 pgs; 2009
Members $12; Non-members: $15


Evaluation Workbook CoverEvaluation Workbook: A Basic Understanding of the Program Outcome Evaluation Model Increasingly, public organizations are being called upon for clearer evidence that the resources they expend actually produce results - are the activities really making a difference? Effective evaluation improves activities by feeding information back about how well they are doing, and helps planners make decisions on what needs to be changed or what is working well. 46 pgs; 1999
*This publication has a new look, 2011.
Members $12; Non-members $16

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Getting the Most out of Museums Cover

Getting the Most out of Museums: A Teacher's Guide to Rewarding, Stress-Free Museum Visits Getting the Most out of Museums is a teacher's resource handbook that has been designed to bring schools and museums closer together and encourage teachers to use their local museum as a resource in their teaching curricula. 67 pgs; 1999
Members: $12; Non-Members $16

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How to Train Your Summer Staff CoverHow to Train Your Summer Staff: A Practical Manual for Training Seasonal Staff for Your Museum Initially, this material is a workbook for trainers of summer staff in community museums. When the trainers have completed the workbook, it becomes a manual to be used by the trainers of summer staff. As a manual it is a permanent museum resource. 59 pgs; 1997
*This publication has a new look, 2011.
Members $12; Non-members $16

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Human Resource Planning Tool CoverHuman Resource Planning Tool
The Human Resource Planning Tool was created to provide an easy-to-use step-by-step process for thinking about the people doing the work in the museum and integrating that information into the museum's annual and/or strategic plans. There is a wealth of information available on human resource management and planning. But for many of us it takes time to become familiar with the information and to distill it down into a usable form that makes sense. This tool is designed to gather together key pieces of information from both fields and combine it into a user-friendly format. 27 pgs; 2006
Members $12; Non-members $15

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Improving Performance Through Evaluation Cover

Improving Performance Through Evaluation: A Resource Guide for Museum Training Providers and Managers
This publication continues the work started in Guidelines for Developing Entry-Level Museum Practice Programs. The purpose of this book is to provide guidance in measuring the results and impact of museum practice/studies training programs on, not only the performance of the individual worker, but also the organizational performance of the museum. 36 pgs; 2004
Members $12; Non-members $16

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Looking Reality In The Eye cover

Looking Reality in the Eye: Museums and Social Responsibility
Museums are often stereotyped as dusty storage facilities for ancient artifacts considered important by only a handful of scholars. This publication attempts to point the way towards a sustainable future for museums by examining institutions that have found creative ways to attain a socially responsive model for cultural resource management. 196 pgs; 2005
Members $15; Non-members $20

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MS SustainabilityMuseums and Sustainability: Sustainable Economies

Sustainable Economies, the third publication in the series, looks at what museums can do toward economic sustainability—not just paying their own bills, but also supporting sustainable economies in their communities.

In it, you’ll find thought-provoking essays and interviews, as well as stories and photos showcasing sustainability work in Saskatchewan museums. 20 pgs; 2013

Members $10; Non-members  $12

Museums and Sustainability: The Environment

Museums & Sustainability Environment CoverThis edition of Museums and Sustainability focuses on museums and the environment. This resource explores the many ways Saskatchewan museums are leading the way in environmental sustainability. Whether its through renewable energy, public education programs, or establishing biosphere reserves, many of Saskatchewan museums are making the effort to toward promoting environmental sustainability. 28 pgs; 2012
Members $10; Non-members  $12

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 Museums & Sustainability Cover

Museums and Sustainability: The Sustainability Challenge
This resource focuses on the broad definition and application of sustainability in all areas of a museum and community life. It provides practical information, Saskatchewan museum-based case studies, resources, and an evaluative framework to help guide your institution's planning and decision-making. 36 pgs; 2011
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Resource Development Cover
Resource Development Guide for Museums is a "how to" book, useful to all non-profit organizations for securing both human and financial assistance for their institutions. 275 pgs; 1992
Members $10; non-members $15

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Standards for Saskatchewan Museums Cover

Standards for Saskatchewan Museums Fourth Edition 2010
In articulating a comprehensive set of operational standards based on these principles, the presumption is not that all standards are relevant to every institution. Rather, the assumption is that museums will find relevant, useful, practical information within this document which will help them to be the best they can be, given their resources and goals. 118 pgs; 2010
Members $20; Non-members $25

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MAS notebooksMAS Notebook
Get a Museums Association of Saskatchewan notebook for yourself or your museum staff. Perfect for jotting notes down, this notebook is small in size making it easy to take with you to meetings (41/2" W X 7" H). Its front and back covers and inside paper are made out of recycled material, an environmentally friendly choice. Comes with matching pen.
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MAS PadfoliosMAS Padfolios
Order yourself a Museums Association of Saskatchewan Padfolio. The padfolio is easy to carry and has the MAS logo on the front cover. It has a slash pocket and clear business card holder on the inside cover. It comes with a paper pad and a retractable ballpoint pen. Paper pad and barrel of pen are made out of recycled material. Dimensions: 12 3/4" H X 9 1/2" W.
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MAS Pens MAS Pens
Order your MAS pens now. 1 order = 5 pens. The pens have our MAS logo on them and have a blue highlighter on the end.
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Travel MugMAS Travel Mug
Order yourself a MAS travel mug. This travel mug holds 16oz and has the MAS logo on the front. It is brushed stainless in colour and has a black rubberized trim.
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