Resource NameAuthor/ProducerPublication Date
Alberta Community Museums Research ProjectNorquest Museum Consulting2001
Artschool Saskatchewan - Survey 1997Artschool Saskatchewan1997
Building on SuccessCultural Human Resources Council2004
Business & the Arts: Service Relationship Indicators - Final ReportSaskatchewan Arts Alliance2004
Canada's Cultural Sector Labour ForceCultural Human Resources Council and the Government of Canada2004
Canadians and their Museums: A Survey of Canadians and their views about the country's MuseumsPrepared for Canadian Museums Association by TeleResearch Inc.N/A
Charitable Fundraising in CanadaHall, Michael H.1996
City of Saskatoon Cultural Plan 2011City of Saskatoon2011
Community Recreation Handbook: For Northern SaskatchewanFrank, Flo for the Northern Sport, Culture and Recreation District2010
Community Tourism Planning Guide (9th Edition)Tourism Saskatchewan2012
Conservation Needs Assessment Study 1992Holmes, Lee1992
Conservation Strategy for Saskatchewan Heritage Collections, ASaskatchewan Heritage Collections Conser.1986
Creating Community Heritage Programs: A guide for municipalitiesSaskatchewan Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport2010
Cultural HR Study 2010: HR Trends and Issues ReportCultural Human Resources Council2010
Cultural HR Study 2010: Labour Market Information Report For Canada's Culture SectorCultural Human Resources Council2010
Cultural Sector Fast StatsCultural Human Resources Council and the Government of Canada2004
Developing Your Heritage Inventory: A guide for communitiesSaskatchewan Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport2010
Economic Impact Assessment -Henry, Oswald L.1991
Economic Impact of Culture and the Arts, TheSaskatchewan Culture and RecreationN/A
Economic Impacts of Provincial Heritage Facilities in Alberta, 1989Alberta Culture and Multiculturalism1989
Face of the FutureCultural Human Resources Council2002
Final Report of the Arts Strategy -Arts Strategy Task Force1993
Final Report: Arts Strategy Task Force Implementation Mgnt. CommitteeMuseums Association of Saskatchewan1993
Focus on the FutureSaskatchewan Arts Strategy Task Force1999
Framework for the Future of Sport, Culture, and Recreation, AStrategy WestN/A
Fulfilling the Promise:Canadian Tourism Commission1997
Funding of the Arts in Canada in the year 2000Government of Canada1986
Heritage and Museums Market Study, Final ReportMuseums Association of Saskatchewan & Saskatchewan Culture, Youth & Recreation2006
International Convenant of Economic, Social, and Cultural RightsSecretary of State1985
Like Light Through a Prism: Analyzing Commercial Markets for Cultural Heritage ContentCHIN1999
Literacy and the Museum: Making the ConnectionsCanadian Museums Association1990
Marketing Strategy OutlingMuseums Association of Saskatchewan & Saskatchewan Culture, Youth & Recreation2004
More Than Willing Hands - A Report on Volunteerism at MuseumsCanadian Museum Association2001
Moving from Reflection to Action: Towards Cultural Policy for Saskatchewan (March 2010)Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport 2010
Multiculturism in SaskatchewanSaskatchewan Parks, Recreation, and Culture1989
Museum Intellectual Property Marketing ReportCanadian Heritage Information Network1999
Museum Labour Force in Canada, The: Current Status and Emerging NeedsEkos Research Associates Inc.1989
Museums for a New CenturyBloom, Joel N. & Powell III, Earl A.1984
Museums New for a CenturyAmerican Association of Museum1984
National Compensation SurveyCultural Human Resources Council2003
National Compensation Survey Results: 2011Canadian Museums Association2011
New Vision for Saskatchewan's Heritage Final Report January 1999Interim Heritage Council1999
Pacte international relatif aux droits economiques, sociaux et cultureSecretary of State1985
Planning for SuccessMuseums Association of Saskatchewan1995
Pre-Survey Focus Group, Summary ReportMuseums Association of Saskatchewan & Saskatchewan Culture, Youth & Recreation2004
Profiles of Saskatchewan Cultural OrganizationsProvincial Architectural Heritage of Saskatchewan2009
Recherche sur la <> des experiences en ligne des usagers deCanadian Heritage2004
Regionalized Structure for Sport, Culture and Recreation, AWensley, Mitch & Stabler, Jack C.1992
ReportSaskatchewan Cultural Policy Secretariat1980
Research on 'Quality' in Online Experiences for Museum UsersCanadian Heritage2004
Review of Evaluation Resources for Nonprofit OrganizationsBozzo, Sandra L. & Hall, Michael H.1999
Review of the Museums Assistance Programs - Final ReportGovernment of Canada1994
Saskatchewan Documentation Heritage Inventory:Champ, Joan1993
Sense of Place, A Sense of Being:Committee on Canadian Heritage1999
State of the Parks - 1990 ProfilesEnvironment Canada Parks Service1990
Study on Travelling Exhibitions in QuebecLemay, Nicole1997
Survey on Training in the Cultural SectionUniversity of Regina1998
Task Force on Cultural TrainingSaskatchewan Council of Cultural Organization1989
Task Force on Military History Museums Collections in CanadaMinistry of Supplies and Services Canada1991
Tourism Business Development & Financing Guide (6th Edition)Tourism Saskatchewan2012
Toward a Labour Force Strategy for Canada's Voluntary & Non-porfit Sector - Survey FindingCanada HR Council2008
Towards Adequately Preserving the Saskatchewan IdentitySaskatchewan Museums Association1981
True Needs True Partners - Museums Serving SchoolsInstitute of Museum and Library Services2002
Turning the Page:Canadian Museums Association1992
What is the Military Path of History ... Saskatchewan - Project?Royal Canadian Legion2007
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